Who we are

Zed, applying Big Data to the Mobile Internet for 18 years


18 years of experience
70 countries
170 agreements with operators
500 million active clients
680 million transactions per month
3.000 million new data items per day

Leaders in Mobile Monetisation

We are a global company with wide experience in the application of Big Data to the mobile Internet. We offer solutions to operators and large companies in order to increase their revenues and connect with their customers. Our products focuses in four lines of business: Digital Marketing, Mobile Financial Services, Digital Entertainment and Transaction Services.

+50% employees in R&D

10 projects

We increase
your average revenue

by up to 30%

18 years have gone a long way...

Current technology makes the volume of information unmanageable without a Big Data management model.

Zed manages billions of mobile interactions to make recommendations to your customers and achieve the highest conversion rate in mobile sales on the market.

The transformation of a content company to a service management technology company.


1993 Teleline

In association with Telefónica, Javier and Ignacio Pérez Dolset set up TeleLine, the first and largest ISP in Spain, which later changed its name to Terra.

1996 LaNetro

They founded LaNetro, to offer leisure content in any device with Internet access, and Pyro Studios with the aim of producing the highest quality videogames on the market.

1998 Commandos

Pyro Studios launches Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, a videogame which became number one in 25 countries, and one of the most famous Spanish entertainment products worldwide.

2004 Club Zed

LaNetro acquires Zed and is consolidated as one of the major companies in mobile phones’ contents field.

2009 Planet 51

In 2002 they founded the animation studio Ilion Animation Studios and in 2009 they premièred Planet 51, the film with the highest budget in the history of Spanish cinema, winner of a Goya for best animated film.

2010 IZ

Zed launches the brand iZ in order to develop and commercialise games for social networks.

2012 Memento/Nrich/Gadir

Setting up of Memento, Big Data recommendation engine. Launch of Nrich, search and recommendations platform for operators and Gadir, management of virtual mobile content stores.

2013 Ebook Club

eBook Club is created after the worldwide distribution agreement with 24symbols, cloud-based e-book reading platform.


Global presence

Local knowledge

Personalised solutions

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Our Recommendation Engine, Memento allows you to build customer behavioural patterns based on the information you have gathered.

Know your customers and offer products and services that interest them: