What do we do?

We integrate and connect data to monetise your business


Big Data

We collect, store and organise huge quantities of data to analyse it and turn it into recommendations and predictions.

Our Big Data platform, Memento, using sophisticated algorithms, connects your users' needs with services which can be:

  • Paid.
  • Free.
  • Financed with advertising.

Our customers

How does Memento help you?

Digital Marketing

It creates a new communication channel with your customers, improves loyalty and monetises Internet access.

Mobile Financial Services

Improve your brand image with universal payment services.

Transaction Services

Manage from a single interface your virtual store for mobile content.

Digital Entertainment

Increase customer loyalty with cloud book and magazine reading solutions. You can offer them a catalogue of more than 15,000 books and the most popular e-magazines according to their likes and preferences. A unique multi-platform experience.