Transaction services

Services management: the new challenge for operators.

Take a risk with new challenges

Manage your stores in different countries.

From a single place, accessible from all types of devices.

150 mobile operators in 50 countries.

600 million end users

3 million payment transactions every year

5000 device profiles supported


  • Centralisation

    Manage all your tools, suppliers and services from a single interface.

  • Business optimisation

    Reduce costs and attract more new customers.

  • Choose just what you need

    A flexible, open and adjustable solution: extendible in fast-track services.

  • Higher revenue

    Fast-track services and optimise your commercial network.

  • Effective management of resources.

    Real-time control and monitoring of the business: ad-hoc dashboard.
    Always in a secure environment.

  • Increase customer loyalty

    Offer a friendlier and more innovative experience.



Technical platform targeted to operators for mobile content virtual stores’ management and supervision. Includes payment gateway and all the necessary elements for store management in a multi-device package.

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Why Zed?

Zed, applying Big Data to the Mobile Internet for 18 years

The number 1 company worldwide in mobile monetisation. With more than 18 years of experience, it manages 3,000 million new data items per day and generates 680 million transactions per month. Zed is present in 70 countries on the 5 continents and has stable agreements with more than 170 operators totalling more than 500 million active users.