Zed´s multiplatform format Instantly Rich premieres in Argentina leading Saturday's evening programming

Zed's format is being co-produced by Argentina's leading TV station; Telefé.

  • Zed´s format is being co-produced by Argentina's leading TV station Telefé
  • On its first emission it obtained an average share of 29,9%, beating Saturday's football match

Madrid, 23nd of February 2010 - Zed´s multiplatform television show Instantly Rich leads TV ratings on its debut this past weekend in Argentina. The format, a success last year in Spain, is co-produced by Zed and Telefé, Argentina's leading television channel, and broadcast every Saturday evening from 19:00 to 21:00 pm. Its first show led audience ratings with an average share of 29,9%, beating by 6 points Saturday?s football match from the top Torneo Clausura league, which competed in the same slot and obtained 23,8%.

The program was honored as one of the most innovative TV formats last year at Fresh TV -the conference organized within MIPTV '09 by 'The Wit'. The Argentinian edition is conducted by Mariano Peluffo, one of the country´s most successful TV host stars. "Launching 'Instantly Rich' in a market as important as Argentina, alongside the country's leading television channel, Telefé marks an important case study for a Spanish-created format, and provides millions of viewers with the excitement and opportunity of becoming 'Instantly Rich' ", said Miguel Lopez-Quesada, General Manager of Zed TV. "All formats developed by Zed TV are conceived for international release, and with 'Instantly Rich' we are achieving this goal while working with the best partners", he added.

Instantly Rich is a weekly-aired reality TV show that combines the use of TV, web, and mobile platforms to build visibility and momentum for the show and its contestants. The audience is the main protagonist of the show and has the opportunity to win amazing prizes. The production crew will accompany the contestants through different challenges in order to garner voting support in real time via SMS or by telephone, through the agreements with the three main mobile operators of the country -Movistar, Claro and Personal- that will allow Instantly Rich to reach a total of 40 million mobile users.

This format was originally launched as 'Rico al Instante' in January 2009 on Spain´s Antena 3 TV, where it successfully became one of the network´s number one non-scripted programs. A widespread TV campaign accompanied project preparation, to get the attention of thousands of viewers through the possibility of being a contestant and winning huge cash prizes each week just by sending an SMS to participate in the program. TV crews travel throughout the country to knock on the doors of finalists, who are not aware that they have been chosen until that very moment. The show starts and the audience decides who becomes 'Instantly Rich' and who, on the other hand, goes home empty-handed.

The project confirms Zed´s vision of global multiplatform activity by acting as the Executive Producer and creating both engaging and entertaining contents at the forefront of technology everywhere. Zed's TV unit has launched three different formats in the past year: The Great Opportunity, Memory Pays and Instantly Rich, all of them combining sustainable business models with entertaining appeal for massive audiences.

In the next months, new launches of formats will take place across Europe, Latam and other parts of the world strengthening Zed´s TV profile as a multiplatform content developer.

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