Zed to roll-out Mobile Couponing Products Worldwide in 2011

B2B and B2C products and services specially focused on mobile  couponing have exceeded expectations in Europe since its launch 18 months ago...

  • B2B and B2C products and services specially focused on mobile couponing have exceeded expectations in Europe since its launch 18 months ago
  • Zed will introduce Iluba and Megaplan to its 140 MM direct customers Worldwide
  • Zed expects 20 MM customers by the end of 2011

Madrid, Denver, London, December 27th, 2010 - Zed, the global leader in Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS), announces the global roll-out of Iluba® and Megaplan®, B2C and B2B products focused on couponing combining mobile and internet, due to excellent results in European markets. Zed started developing products in the social-buying space specially based on mobile during 2009, leveraging on the competitive advantage of being the largest MVAS operator worldwide with unrivalled distribution in 61 countries.

According to Javier Pérez Dolset, Zed Founder & CEO: "our experience over the last year and a half proves that online coupon services, and specially those focused on the mobile platform, will be winning bets for us in the years ahead and we are determined to exploiting that opportunity globally. The metrics that we have achieved predict a promising 2011".

After the deployment carried out in Europe next target regions are LatAm, Russia and Asia. Both Iluba® and Megaplan® offer value for money to customers through deals with global and local brands, from discounted products to exclusive benefits.

Sticking to the motto "Saving takes just a Little", Iluba® offers a portfolio of products based on major brands of sectors such as leisure, electronics, personal care, food and drinks and other consumer goods covering day to day users' needs. MegaPlan®, a B2B service with which mobile carriers and media companies could cultivate loyalty among their own clients/users is now in discussion with top players from markets where Zed operates like Russia and Brazil.

Iluba® and Megaplan® show Zed´s constant thrive to be on the cutting-edge of digital innovation. "Online and mobile couponing business help us stay aligned with our customer´s needs, especially in an economic environment in which people reduce their expends and look for good-deals on consumer goods. Our expectation is to reach 20 MM customers by the end of 2011 and 45 MM by the end of 2012", remarked Javier Pérez Dolset.

Zed is confident on the competitive advantage of having agreements with over 130 network operators worldwide in order to deploy these services in the next months in many of the 61 markets where the company operates.

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