Zed Presents LiveBlog Poll, a customized widget enabling blogs to be enhanced with their visitor's opinion

Zed, the  worldwide leading mobile value-added player introduces LiveBlog Poll, an application allowing bloggers.

Madrid, 31 January 2008 - Zed, the worldwide leading mobile value-added player introduces LiveBlog Poll, an application allowing bloggers to produce their own polls and notify in real time the results to any pre-defined Email account.

LiveBlog Poll is a free widget that can be downloaded from www.zedliveblog.com and the user can embed it in his blog or Web pages to organize polls around his favorite topics. The application includes two voting options - positive or dual poll. Knowing the opinion of Internet users about Giants’ chances to win the Super Bowl or voting to choose the winner between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is only a click away.

The application can be customized in such a way that results can be sent through Email updates to a pre-defined Email address. Moreover, the Zed LiveBlog Poll widget includes a syndication option and can be shared between users who can choose to include the same widget poll within their personal pages, increasing as such the opportunities for more Internet users to vote.

According to Marta Arribas, Chief Product and Content of Zed Group, “this widget is a key component of Zed's Web 2.0 strategy complementing the already existing portfolio of widgets for bloggers. Our goal is to make Internet a place where users generate their own content and share their own experiences".

More widgets for blogers
LiveBlogTalk and LiveBlogTvZed are two other applications offered by ZED. Both are integrated to the Zed StatiOn, a free instant messaging service allowing users to be connected with his Zed community and other messenger's contacts (Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL) anywhere and anytime through his PC or his mobile phone.

With Live Blog Talk, bloggers can open chat windows in all of their web pages and blogs allowing their visitors to chat with them. That way, anyone who visits the web page can talk with its author who receives the messages on his Zed StatiOn.

LiveBlogTV in turn is an easy use widget to leave a window open in all of the user’s web pages and blogs to live broadcast from a webcam. It doesn't matter where the user personal page is: Zed, Blogger, MySpace, Xanga ... he only need to follow the steps in "How do I get it?" and, in less than five minutes, he will have his own TV channel on the Internet.

Both widgets can be freely downloaded from www.zedliveblog.com

*The web widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation (Wikipedia).

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