Zed presents IZ, the marketplace for innovative products and compelling projects.

Customers discover cutting-edge, cool products at the best prices.
Companies launch and sell their products at zero risk through crowdfunding, with the guarantee that all new production has been pre-sold beforehand.

Zed, worldwide leader in advanced mobile services, presents IZ (www.iz.com), a marketplace that connects companies launching innovative products with buyers looking for cool products to buy and compelling projects to collaborate with.
IZ encompasses products and projects from across the globe, regardless of their size. Through its team of experienced marketing professionals, IZ helps companies communicate and promote their campaigns, investing on advertising for selected products.
The platform provides a Help Center for Projects and Companies with advice on how to maximize the efficiency of campaigns and guidelines on how to present and communicate in social media.
By launching their projects through crowdfunding, companies are able to gauge demand at zero risk since production does not begin until a campaign has been successfully funded. Customers are rewarded for this certainty by being able to buy the most innovative products at the best price.
For more information about IZ visit www.iz.com, or follow us on  Facebook and Twitter

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