Zed joins the e-Skills European Commission Campaign to promote Tech Studies

E-Skills is a European Commission campaign that seeks to promote the Young people interest for careers related to the ICT sector.

E-Skills is a European Commission campaign that seeks to promote the Young people interest for careers related to the ICT sector

Madrid, 4 march 2010 - Zed, multiplatform digital entertainment leader company, has collaborated this week on the e-Skills Week 2010 campaign, a project launched by the European Commission's Enterprise and Industry, which has been developed in Spain by AETIC (Asociación Empresas de Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones de España). The initiative also has the participation of 31 ministries of Education in Europe and worldwide.

As part of this campaign, about 50 students from La Salle Maravilla School visited Zed facilities on 2 March. Students got to know first the wide variety of opportunities from technical careers in a company like Zed, in accordance with the objectives of the campaign.

Throughout the morning, students were attentive to the explanations of the Corporate Communications Coordinator, who gave an overview of the company, and the Programming Manager, who explained what and how procedures are implemented in the creation of videogame Planet 51 Online, designed for different platforms like mobile, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox and PC.

The students, who were very participative during the visit, also took the opportunity to resolve some of their biggest questions about technical careers. Questions like, what should be studied to make this work? or How difficult is to learn for doing this? were repeated throughout a day in which students could enjoy the interaction with many departments playing Planet 51 Online, two Jave games for mobile, and the game for iPhone, all them based on the animated film. In addition, students had the opportunity to visit the facilities of Zed and meet the employees who shared how they carry out all these projects.

e-Skills Week 2010 is presented as a European campaign aimed to highlight the transformative capacity and the opportunities of professionals of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). This campaign is promoted by the European Commission and brings together more than 20 national partners. Zed has wanted to be part of the project, emphasizing the high demand for users and specialists in new technologies in the sector and promote the momentum of the European Union to do it not only competitive but also innovative.

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