Zed Group launches “Zed free SMS”

Zed Group launches a free SMS service that supports advertising.

Zed Group launches a free SMS service that supports advertising

London, 10th of December 2007 - Zed Group, the leading mobile value-added player that develops and markets entertainment and community products and services for mobile and the Internet has launched Zed Free SMS. This new service allows users to send free SMS using the Internet and therefore reduce their mobile phones bills.

Zed Free SMS is part of the new range of Zed’s services that integrate mobile and PC. The aim of these services is to keep on providing added value to the users. The service is already available in the UK and Spain through the URL: www.zedfreesms.com

To enjoy this new service users can sign up for free to the Zed community, allowing them to send a maximum of 5 SMS per day without any cost. Premium users, for £3 per week can send 10 SMS per day (not accumulative and limited to their country). The system will allow the user to send an SMS containing 100 characters maximum, leaving 60 for advertising, according to the company’s objective to develop and lead new formats and initiatives in the Mobile Marketing area.

Zed Group will be the first user of this new advertising format. Zed will promote its community products and services using Zed Free SMS.

This new launch will have its own online advertising campaign in different online portals, including MSN and Google.

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