Zed boosts the distribution of 24symbols worldwide

Zed and 24symbols have signed a distribution agreement which will see 24symbols launched in numerous global markets immediately. Zed has also purchased a 32% share of 24symbols.

Madrid – 9 May 2013 Zed, the global leader in mobile services, technology and content, has signed an international distribution agreement with 24symbols, an Internet-based digital books platform. Zed has also purchased a 32% share of 24symbols.

Thanks to this agreement, 24symbols will benefit from the exclusive agreements that Zed has with almost 200 carriers worldwide. Through these agreements Zed has access to 414 million users. Zed has a proven track record of distributing and commercialising digital products to end users.

With this agreement, Zed enters in the world of e-books, a sector which is showing significant growth.

24symbols was born two years ago and was immediately recognized by many as the "Spotify for books". The 24symbols service provides readers with access to a multipublishers’ catalogue on the cloud, and offers a broad variety of books (including novels, technical, comic-books, cooking, etc). All content is available online and can be read without having to download anything, using a freemium model. It is a social platform and allows users to share what they are reading, see what their friends' favorite books are, read comments and keep up to date with the newest releases.

According to a statement by Javier Pérez Dolset, CEO of Zed, “This agreement with 24symbols means another step further for our company development strategy and consolidates our position as leaders”.

Aitor Grandes, CEO of 24symbols, has declared himself very satisfied with the financial elements of the agreement, as well as the opportunity to leverage Zed’s international experience in the commercialisation of digital content. “This agreement gives 24symbols a new distribution channel through the carriers. From now on, we are going to be able to reach millions of users worldwide that can only access premium digital content through their carriers”.

About 24symbols

24symbols is a service to read digital books on the Internet, based on a subscription model. Similar to what Netflix is to movies or Spotify to music, but for e-books.

The service provides access to a broad publishing catalogue, with a reasonable price and from any device. www.24symbols.com

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