Send money for free, safely and comfortably with MyPlanet Card Prepaid MasterCard

MyPlanet Card is the low-cost alternative to remittance companies
The card may be topped-up in Caixabank, Bankia and Banco Santander branches

Zed, Worldwide leader Company in advanced mobile services, presents MyPlanet Card Prepaid MasterCard (, a service that lets you send money instantly to your family and friends in a safe and simple manner. 
MyPlanet Card is a Prepaid Card MasterCard licensed by PFS (Prepaid Financial Services). It works as a “master” card which has up to three “secondary” cards associated to it for the friends and family to whom you want to send money to. The card can be topped-up in several ways: authorised sale points, in the MyPlanet Card website ( and mobile app (available in the App Store and Google Play) and Caixabank, Bankia and Banco Santander ATMs and branches.
MyPlanet Card is a low-budget alternative to traditional remittance companies. Family and friends can use the money received immediately: the card may be used to withdraw cash from any ATM, make online purchases or buy in any of the millions of shops worldwide that accept MasterCard. The money transfer recipients do not have to travel to a store or wait for the bank to process a transfer into a bank account because they will received it instantly in their MyPlanet Card.
Main benefits:

  • Immediate. Once the top-up has been made, the money is available immediately
  • Secure. MyPlanet Card Prepaid MasterCard is issued by Prepaid Financial Services Limited, licensed by MasterCard International Incorporated
  • Free. The process of sending money from one card to another is free. Users do pay a small fee when they top-up and cash out
  • Without timetables, without inconvenient trips and without a bank account. Family and friends do not have to pick up their transferred money in a store or wait until the money arrives to a bank account.
  • Simple and easy to use.

MyPlanet Card is perfect not only to send money, but as a gift card, to make online purchases or to go on holidays without having to worry about carrying cash and exchanging it for foreign currency.
This is a Zed product, part of its Mobile Financial Services business line, which the company has been developing since 2011, focusing on innovative business models that reduce intermediaries, giving as a result omnipresent, efficient and low-cost solutions.
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