NUBOMEDIA: the cloud for future communication services

The European project NUBOMEDIA researches how new technologies such as computer vision, augmented reality, 3D video or multisensory data can be used for creating novel communication paradigms going beyond phone calls and video conferences.

NUBOMEDIA has the objective of creating a cloud platform allowing small SMEs and individual programmers to develop their very own interactive multimedia communication services without significant investments or efforts and in a secure, efficient and scalable way. NUBOMEDIA plans to expose a number of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to end developers suitable for creating a next generation of multimedia services where the information exchange is enriched through processing capabilities such as face detection and recognition, interaction with virtual objects, 3D scenario reconstruction, advanced video mixing, video recording and recovery, etc. From the perspective of programmers, the NUBOMEDIA infrastructure just behaves as an infinite supercomputer where the processing capabilities can elastically increase to adapt to the load offered by end users.

To foster innovation and catalyse the emergence of a whole ecosystem of applications and users around NUBOMEDIA, all research results of the project will be released as open source software following flexible licenses such as LGPL or Apache.

As one of the most important computer game manufacturers and multimedia content producers within Europe, ZED is the most suitable partner for providing requirements and for validating NUBOMEDIA results by developing a social demonstrator. ZED assumes the responsibility of creating a large social horizontal demonstrator based on a social game that will be created using NUBOMEDIA APIs and infrastructures. This game will be open to the public so that feedback can be gathered in relation to the capabilities of the platform. In addition, ZED also assumes responsibilities for the definition of the use cases and scenarios, and will contribute to the dissemination and exploitation planning of NUBOMEDIA.

NUBOMEDIA is coordinated by Rey Juan Carlos University and has distinguished research and industrial partners including the Fraunhofer Research Institute, the Technical University of Berlin, the Stefan cel Mare Suceava University, the VTT Institute, Telecom Italia, ZED Worldwide, LiveU, Visual Tools and Naevatec.

NUBOMEDIA ( has been funded by the European Commission under 7th Framework Programme objective ICT-2013.1.6: Connected and social media.

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