MVAS Worldwide Leader Zed generates Global Revenues of $100 Million in September 2007

35 Million Customers Worldwide Drive Record-Setting Month.

35 Million Customers Worldwide Drive Record-Setting Month

Madrid/ Denver, 23 October 2007 - Zed Group, formerly LaNetro Zed, the leading mobile value-added services (MVAS) player worldwide in terms of revenue and geographical presence, announced that it has generated a record $100 million dollars in revenue in the month of September 2007. The company’s mobile products and services are used by more than 35 million customers across 37 countries each month.

Zed has offices in 21 of the world’s top capitals on four continents; including London, Paris, Milan, Moscow, Mexico City, Denver, Singapore, Manila, Beijing and Cape Town. Zed’s headquarters are in Madrid.

Zed’s expanding presence in the US mobile market played a significant role in its success during the month of September. Zed has been operating in the US since 2003, but the company’s recent acquisition of 9 Squared (as part of the MonsterMob acquisition), the leading independent distributor of mobile content in the US market, helped set the basis for an increased D2C offering, especially in the areas of community, communication applications and mobile entertainment. Zed predicts annual revenue to increase significantly over last year’s US results. In addition to the escalating accomplishments in the US market, Zed’s September success can be attributed heavily to its mobile marketing and promotion activities under B2C formats in partnership with leading wireless carriers in key markets such as Russia, Mexico, Italy and Spain.

Javier Perez Dolset, founder and CEO of Zed, commented, “It is incredible to think that during a single day in September we generated more revenues globally than we did during the whole of 2000. In our most recent fiscal year, we were delighted to reach $454 million in revenue, and our continued growth illustrates the rising global consumer demand for mobile services and entertainment.”

Attributing to Zed’s recent growth is its new line of mobile products, which offer users an interactive community where they can produce and share content – across the Web or their mobile device. Together with the company’s proven business models and strong third party alliances, Zed’s upcoming US activities have set the company on a path for continued growth in the Web and mobile markets.

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