LaNetro Zed launches ‘Pumpets’ - A Virtual Pet for the Mobile

Zed, the UK consumer brand of LaNetro Zed, has launched Pumpets, an innovative virtual pet for the mobile phone.

March 24th, 2006 Pumpets, designed and developed in-house, is now available in the UK, Germany and Spain and is free to members of Club Zed.

The virtual pet can read comics, play computer games, eat burgers, exercise and will even get angry if not taken care of. To effectively look after their Pumpet, the owner will have to attend to all of its most basic needs. These include feeding, washing, sports and keeping it entertained.

Pumpets is a Java application, which stands out for its state-of-the-art graphics, both for the pet and its environment, which can be personalised by the user. This game is based on LaNetro’s proprietary WiPS platform (wireless interactive push service), an application that allows the Pumpet to send messages to the owner via push technology.

The Pumpet has been designed and developed by LaNetro Zed, and can be downloaded from Club Zed’s WAP portal. Members can also get all of the items needed for its care. Membership for Club Zed can be obtained by texting the word JOIN to 8007.

LaNetro Zed

LaNetro Zed is one of the leading mobile content companies in the world, with revenues of 136 million euros in 2005. It is a leader in developing, marketing and distributing unique games, entertainment, personalization products, communication tools and Location Based Services (LBS). The company distributes its services in all mayor markets, including China, USA and Europe, through more than 45 mobile network operators of the 15 countries where the company is present. These countries hold 50% of all mobile subscribers in the world that is 1billion mobile subscribers. The firm is recognized for its technical innovation and proprietary content. Zed is its main consumer brand.

LaNetro Zed is a subsidiary of the Wisdom Entertainment Group which is 35% owned by Apax Partners. The Pérez family is the founder and largest shareholder of the Wisdom Group, which has been one of the leading European interactive entertainment groups since the early 1990s.

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