Internet 2.0 hits the mobile world with a new service developed by Spanish multinational LaNetro Zed

Zed brings Internet 2.0 to cell phones.

Zed brings Internet 2.0 to cell phones

Madrid, February 9, 2007 - Synergies sparked by the new connection between PCs and cell phones via the Internet have made the company a leader in the development of social networking communities that move swiftly between both worlds. The model developed allows participation without geographic barriers and creates a community where users can choose when and where they want to participate.

“In short, this will free us from depending on a fixed computer connection so that we can access all the possibilities of communication, interaction and expression open to us in the new 2.0 era. Now, there is no reason to wait to get to our PC to post our latest inspiration to our blog or send an image we have just seen or captured with our cell phone to our friends. We can do it immediately and wherever we are at,” said Javier Pérez Dolset, CEO and company president.

User-generated content (UGC), Community and Communication tools are three driving factors in the new service developed by Zed.

Communication without time or space barriers
Messenger with alerts to “notice” your contacts in real time, Mail or Chat are assessable anywhere from your cell phone or PC. This unfixed service is organized into four distinct interfaces: web, wap and statiOn for your PC and cell phone.

The interface statiOn is a new dimension for “desktop users” Here, with just one click, they can send or check new emails, see comments posted to their blogs or files, manage contacts or personal profiles, receive alerts in flash and chat PC-PC, mobile-mobile, mobile-PC or PCmobile, among an array of other services.

Users generate their own content
The user becomes the creator and editor of their identity with freedom to display their unique interests… Through simple tools, a user can upload files to the web, title them with tags and decide how much privacy they want. The user decides whether they want to share their uploaded files and when they want to get rid of them. Content uploaded is monitored and moderated 24 hours a day. Any user can send a complaint about content they deem inappropriate.

A community for searching, sharing and meeting
Users can maintain personal profiles where they can swap photos or videos and share hobbies through webcams or blogs. Members can interact and react with content they share. The community creates a global connection. The only limits are those set by the user and what they want to share. The new service will launch with three different pricing levels but will be free for all web visitors. Premium users will be charged the highest price as they will have complete access to all PC and mobile services.

Zed will offer these services in every country where the Spanish multinational company has a presence. The service will be launched first in the United States, the market currently most active in Web 2.0 platforms. It will then be launched in Spain and the other countries where Zed has a presence will follow.

Nearly 50 million Euros have been invested in the planning, development and marketing of this service that has required 17 months of intense work by a team of 250 Zed professionals.

LaNetro Zed
Zed, the Spanish multinational, develops and markets entertainment and community products and services for mobile phones and internet. The company is a pioneer in leisure time information services for the web and is one of the leading mobile value-added players with presence in 31 countries across 5 continents, including Europe’s largest markets, USA and China.

Founded in 1996, the company’s history is characterized by the ongoing development of innovative services in the entertainment and leisure arena, and it remains at the forefront of the industry.

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