Instantly Rich launches in Poland and Spain after Latam success

Zed's multiplatform format has been recently released in Poland, expecting Portugal to be next to launch...

  • Zed's multiplatform format has been recently released in Poland, expecting Portugal to be next to launch
  • Second season of Instantly Rich, the fortune reality show is back in Spain in Antena 3 TV

Madrid/Warsaw, 20th January, 2011 - Zed´s multiplatform television show, Instantly Rich, continues to expand through European markets, after reaching a great success in Spain (Antena 3), Argentina (Telefé) and Colombia (RCN).

Now comes the time for Polsat, one of the leading players in Poland, to launch Instantly Rich on Sunday´s access prime time. The release of the show matched the average share of Polsat on the slot while creating a lot of buzz in the market due to the novelty of the format.

This weekly-broadcast reality TV show that was considered one of the most innovative TV formats on 2009 Fresh TV - the conference organized within MIPTV '09 by 'The Wit'-, combines the use of TV, web, and mobile platforms to build visibility and momentum for the competition and its contestants. The audience, voting by SMS, has the opportunity to change contestants' lives and win big cash prizes.

The show builds on the excitement of TV crews knocking on finalists' doors and their unawareness of the future that awaits them till the very last moment. The show starts and the audience decides who becomes ?Instantly Rich? and who goes home empty-handed. This format has already shared out USD 8.5 MM, run 70.000 km, reached 150 families through its broadcasting in Spain, Argentina and Colombia and rewarded 270 winners.

"This is undoubtedly a innovative multiplatform format that provides millions of viewers with the excitement and opportunity of becoming 'Instantly Rich'. It plays at the same time with the audience feelings, and empowers them to bring happiness to others", said Miguel Lopez-Quesada, General Manager of Zed TV.

This innovative TV format was originally launched as "Rico al Instante" in January 2009 on Spain´s Antena 3 TV, where it successfully became one of the network´s most profitable shows. On its second edition in Spanish Antena 3 that has currently started on January 9th, it has introduced new features like 'the undercover', a fake contestant whose story is scripted by the Program in order to raise doubts about what can other players do in their aim to win the money. All the contestants, including the undercover, will run through sections like the 'Surprise Box', where the participants will find something 'a photo, a gift, a piece of music, a message' that will touch their feelings. The audience will have to decide finally who deserves to become ?Instantly Rich? and if the undercover happens to be winner of any prize a jackpot for the final gala will be allocated.

In the following months, new launches of this format will take place across Europe, Latam and other key markets, such as Russia or Asia, where Zed is strengthening its profile as a multiplatform content producer. Portugal will be the next market where Instantly Rich will be launched during the Q1 2011.

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