reaches 2 million users in just 5 months

Since 2011 Iluba has launched various campaigns in the social networks gaining registered users in eight different countries...

Since 2011 Iluba has launched various campaigns in the social networks gaining registered users in eight different countries

Madrid, 2nd of June, 2011 -, a new only portal for saving on daily expenses, has reached two million registered users in just five months using social networks.

More and more often brands use social networks as a channel to promote and present their products and services to the public, as they understand that users tend to be more sensitive to the word of mouth than to traditional advertising. In order to be present in the social networks internationally, Iluba has been doing promotions in different countries as a way of attracting new users, every time adapting them to local demands and circumstances.

Since the beginning of the online initiatives taken for gaining registered users in 2011, has attracted the attention of a large number of Internet users via attractive promotional offers and applications in its fan-pages. As a result, the portal of products and services of daily use has reached two million registered users, a number that counts for the successful application of know-how in social networks.

What is the secret of success?
Throughout these months, promotional campaigns have been launched in a total of eight countries: Spain, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Finland and South Africa. The most significant include promotions with incentives like welcome gifts and special offers such as movie tickets, pizzas or free flights for new members.

Furthermore the Iluba?s study ?How do the Spanish save?? (presented on the 12th of April, 2011) showed that 40% of Spanish people would definitely not cut down on holidays or traveling if they needed to increase their savings. To meet these demands, offers free flights to various destinations such as Rome, Lisbon, Paris, London or Venice, which has proved to meet high levels of acceptance among users.

This is precisely the key to its success: to know the users? preferences and address them through new channels of communication offering everything they need whenever they need it.

Actually, Spain has agreements in place with a number of companies such as Shell petrol stations, Telepizza, NH Hotels, Viajes Iberia, Air Europa, BMW, Pepe Car Sun Planet, Game or the Asociación española de balnearios urbanos. In addition, the portal is continuously incorporating new brands and franchises into its portfolio of products and services, and thus be more attractive for end users.

About Iluba is a new way of saving on daily expenses and utility bills costs, as well as on designer brands. has been online 5 months and has already reached two million users via social networks.

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