, a new e-commerce concept offering great opportunities for franchises

The online savings portal on everyday expenses promises huge results for franchises, minimizing marketing costs for associated brands

The online savings portal on everyday expenses promises huge results for franchises, minimizing marketing costs for associated brands

Madrid, 18th of May, 2011 -, the new online savings portal on daily expenses, is a new e-commerce concept offering great business opportunities for brands and franchises. As a result of the many advantages it offers to its users, such as discounts of up to €200 a month, managed to gain two million registered users since its launch in 2011.

Access to a wide data base
Positioned as a pioneer in the industry, offers its partners great results, minimizing marketing costs at the same time.

Iluba broad portfolio of products and services offers added value to its clients and an extensive database readily available to all partner franchises. Without doubt, is a new business line adapted to current market needs to access a wide range of national and international branded products and services, through any device with connection to the Internet.

The main benefit franchises offer to their existing and potential clients bases on satisfaction. Through they can offer products and services with certain advantages, give discounts and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Convenience is the other element to highlight when talking about The company distributes and promotes numerous brands, simplifying hence the work of commercials and franchises by offering vouchers as payment method. It should be emphasized that the payment is made once the user has enjoyed the product or service.

A portal that offers exclusivity and savings to its users
Within only five months of its launch, Iluba's users have already saved more than ?130,000 in products and services from leading brands.

The portal permanent range of offers and discounts makes it possible for individual Iluba user to save on average €200 per month, benefiting from company's exclusivity agreements with brands and franchises and taking full advantage of the savings portal.

Actually, has agreements in place with a large number of companies such as Shell petrol stations, Telepizza, NH Hotels, Viajes Iberia, Air Europa, BMW, Pepe Car Sun Planet, Game or the Asociación española de balnearios urbanos. In addition, the portal is continuously incorporating new brands and franchises into its portfolio of products and services. Iluba is a new sales channel that enables companies to directly contact consumers registered within the portal.

About Iluba is a new way of saving on daily expenses and utility bills, as well as on designer brands. has been online 5 months and has already reached two million users via social networks.

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