Iluba allows savings of up to 70% on daily expenses

Discounts on utility bills -electricity and heating- as well as  savings on supermarket monthly shopping; these are the kind of offers the Spaniards really want to find on the Internet...

Discounts in monthly bills of electricity and heating as well as savings in the daily supermarket shopping; these are the kind of offers the Spanish really want to find on the Internet

Madrid, 12th of April 2011 - Today Iluba, a new online portal for saving in everyday expenses, is presented to the public. This platform is accessible via personal computer, mobile phone or any other device with Internet access and allows users to save up to 200 Euros a month both in daily necessities and more punctual purchases. For the consumer this means savings of up to 70% in daily expenses.

According to Iluba's study "How do the Spanish save?", 81% of the Spanish use Internet to look for product and service offers. Products and services they mainly purchase online are trips and electronics. Compared to the real wishes of Spanish Internet users this appears to be a contradiction as they demand offers and discounts in their current expenses. "There is an online gap to fill", explains Juan Mora, director of business development of Iluba. "When asking the user which offers really interest him, we observe that what he is looking for are discounts in gasoline, daily supermarket shopping or in the bills that arrive at the end of the month, telephone, electricity or heating. Iluba is there to meet these demands."

What can I find in Iluba?
Iluba is always looking for new brands and offers to incorporate into its portfolio. Today, it counts with agreements with gas stations Shell, Telepizza, NH Hotels, Viajes Iberia, Air Europa, BMW, Pepe Car, Sun Planet, Game or the Asociación española de balnearios urbanos. The agreements Iluba has established with these companies guarantee that its members receive the best offers and convert Iluba into a privileged communication channel between companies and clients. "The companies that trust in Iluba are our best guarantee and reference to present to our new users", says Ana de Miguel, Marketing Manager of Iluba. "The presence of these brands has been the key for having reached more than 700.000 registered users within the first two months."

Iluba offers a series of advantages to its users: it is not limited in time; users can enjoy their discounts in any moment they choose, and independently of the number of people who buy the same product. "To profit from our discounts you don?t need to get up at seven o'clock in the morning before the offer ends up or go to the restaurant a certain day. Our users are completely free to use Iluba whenever and however they want", explains de Miguel.

Two ways of using Iluba: Registered users and members
Modalities of using Iluba include being registered or member. Registered users receive information about current offers available via e-mail and can directly access them in the portal. When they see something they like, they can buy the discount voucher for a minimum transaction fee which price always depends on the product chosen.

If they also want to access value added services or profit from offers without paying every time they choose one, they can become members for a maximum cost of 14,20 Euros a month. Members of Iluba have direct access to all discounts offered on the website, receive gifts and participate in prize draws.

How does it work?
Users choose offer that appeals to them. If they are registered, they input their personal information, choose a payment method and purchase the discount voucher.

If they are members, they directly print out desired vouchers. Both, registered and membership users, receive their vouchers via e-mail.

"With Iluba you buy the voucher that gives you the right to get the discount. You do not buy the product directly. This system puts Iluba a step ahead in the market, as its users does not lose his money in case they cannot enjoy the chosen product", explains Mora.

The usage of the discount voucher will vary depending on the nature of the product bought:

  • The printed voucher is taken to the retailer in order to buy the product
  • The code is introduced in the brand's online shop
  • The code is indicated to the brand's call-center

About Iluba is a new way of saving on daily expenses and on your favorite brands. Iluba aims to help you save on everyday's expenses.

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