Despite of the economic difficulties, 40% of Spaniards do not give up travelling

According to a survey conducted by, 35% choose to cut down the number of days they travel in order to save money.

  • According to a survey conducted by, 35% choose to cut down the number of days they travel in order to save money and 21% search for an alternative accommodations to traditional hotels
  • 26% of Spaniards state they fly with low cost airlines to reduce travelling costs; and at the same time, 24% buy tickets in advance in order to pay less

Madrid, 30th of May, 2011 -, a new online portal for saving on daily expenses presents the results of its survey "How do the Spanish save?". This study focuses on how consumer habits are changing and how Spanish people save money on their holidays. Among the main results of the study, it is necessary to highlight that the Spaniards are not willing to give up travelling, despite the present economic difficulties they are facing and their need to save money. Among the main measures cut down expenses on holidays are: reducing the number of days away, flying with low-cost airlines that offer competitive prices and eating out only on special occasions.

Not willing to give up holidays or short weekend trips
Although there is no doubt that we are facing a difficult economic situation,'s study concludes that Spanish people are neither willing to give up travelling (40%) nor to stop enjoying weekends away (16%). On the contrary, there are a series of whims the questioned consider to be more dispensable, such as top-of-the-range mobile phones (6%).

"Regarding holidays we have established the three fundamental aspects of how Spaniards manage to optimize savings: accommodation, transport and food. Although Spanish people have reduced the number of days away, they keep going on", states Juan Mora, business development manager.

Saving on accommodation
The study shows that the main way of saving money on accommodation is by reducing the length of the stay. 35% of the surveyed claimed they prepare shorter holidays. In order to save money on accommodation, 21% have shown that they look for alternative options to traditional hotels, such as campsites, hostels or short stay apartments.

Another option mentioned by surveyed is to go to the countryside on holidays and stay with their relatives (20%); this allows them to spend little and save more.

Travelling low cost, buying tickets in advance
Regarding the saving when choosing a mean of transport, "the surveyed said they look for offers on the Internet where they can find reduced prices, use low-cost airlines and buy their tickets in advance. This allows them to access much more significant offers and discounts", explains Juan Mora.

26% of Spanish people use low-cost airlines, while one fourth buys tickets in advance to obtain competitive prices. 22% of the surveyed choose national holiday destinations instead of going abroad.

Other measures to save money on traveling include: not contracting travel insurances or paying extra luggage (10%), consider travelling by bus, train or car (9%) and share the car with friends and family in order to share expenses (6%).

Reduce number of visits to restaurants and bars
On holidays, 36% of Spanish people save money on food, for instance by cooking instead of eating out or by buying the snack in the supermarket. Furthermore, one third chooses not to buy souvenirs for family and friends in order to reduce expenses.

Internet, established channel for selling trips and leisure activities
According to Juan Mora, this is due to the fact that ?the Internet has two basic characteristics that attract consumers when looking for travel offers: on one hand, the significant reduction of costs in the service sector, -to which trips and leisure activities belong- and on the other hand, the establishment of credit card transactions as a secure and trustworthy mean of payment.

The great majority of the surveyed (82%) claimed that they surf the Internet in order to find offers and discounts that cannot otherwise be found easily.

Among the Spanish people?s favorite and most valued online offers are: trips and leisure discounts (29%), diverse brands fashion outlets (out of season) (21%), electronics (20%) and telecommunication services (10%), such as telephone or ADSL.

Survey conducted by Ketchum Pleon; sample size: 1,000 Internet users.

The results are based on a 95.5% confidence level and on criteria and principles of simple random sampling. In the worst-case scenario of maximum uncertainty, sampling error of data compared to the total sample is ± 2.3%.

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