“Consumer Insight, Price Transparency and Flatrate Data Plans, a Must for the Future of Mobile Content”

Nicholas Negroponte keynote and 17 year old entrepreneur Jellyellie among the highlights from Valencia.

Nicholas Negroponte keynote and 17 year old entrepreneur Jellyellie among the highlights from Valencia

London, 29th April 2008 - The future of mobile content, mobile advertising and monetising mobile music were just some of the key themes at this year’s Zed Symposium.

Taking place in Valencia, the annual event, run by Zed Group, brought together over 250 executives from 26 countries. Mobile operators, aggregators, brand and IP owners came together to discuss and debate topics affecting the mobile entertainment industry. Many saw the conference as an instrumental forum for debating industry wide issues with peers from all areas within the sector.

Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman of the ‘One Laptop per Child’ initiative and founder of MIT Media Lab, spoke on the future of networks, devices and content. His key themes were intelligence; being smarter about how we use technology, and listening to the consumer, quoting “historically, Europeans have not listened to their young and this has to change.” He claimed for simplicity in devices and expressed his excitement about such outward looking event where all parties where discussing together beyond endogamy.

Following Negroponte, Jellyellie, a 17 year-old entrepreneur, walked the delegates through the mind and typical day of a teenager. She showcased the technology and services she uses to communicate with her friends, proving teenagers like to consume media where, how and when they want and the industry must consider this when developing new products.

The Symposium also saw round-tables including media companies like MTV, Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony BMG, Ilion Animation Studio and mobile operators discussing possible new approaches to distributing and monetizing premium content on the mobile platform. The consumer insight supplied by Jellyellie provided the panel with fuel for thought; pricing and user experience being recurring themes.

Representatives from over 40 mobile networks discussed through breakout sessions around topics like key factors for the further development of mobile content, increasing ARPU, mobile advertising and developing emerging markets. Themes were price transparency, flat rate data plans are a must to improve content sales and increasing life cycle of content, by expanding demographics with new products. Javier Pérez Dolset, CEO and Founder of Zed Group, commented: “The Symposium was a great success and I thank everybody that participated. We discussed a number of issues affecting the industry and learned from both sides of the coin – one of the foremost futurists of our time and a member of our target demographic. Zed Symposium consolidated our position as a thought leader in this industry and we are deeply committed to continue hosting open discussions about the future of digital entertainment at large.”

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