Antena 3 launches the second season of INSTANTLY RICH, the fortune reality TV show, returning with plenty of new features

The last season of Instantly Rich, TV format co-produced by Antena 3 and Zed, distributed more than 5 million Euros...

  • The last season of Instantly Rich, TV format co-produced by Antena 3 and Zed, distributed more than 5 million Euros
  • Produced for the chain by Zed, INSTANTLY RICH is an innovative multiplatform TV show which has been exported to other countries like Colombia, Argentina and Poland after its great success in Spain, and will soon be broadcasted in others
  • Live every Sunday, 6 contestants will have 60 minutes to convince the audience that his/her story is the best and most credible one
  • Each week a total of 270.000 Euros are in play

Madrid, 1st of January, 2011 - Antena 3 premieres on Sunday, January 9th, time slot late night, 25354 RICO AL INSTANTE, the second season of the successful reality of fortune which already in its last season has spread happiness to dozens of homes across Spanish territory. This time the charge of presenting the program will be on the versatile Carlos Lozano, actor, model and host from Madrid, who returns to the television.

25354 RICO AL INSTANTE is an innovative multiplatform TV format in which technological interactivity from mobile, Internet and social networking platforms are drivers for content and not afterthoughts. This season contains some new features, most notably an extraordinary set with two floors and attractive sections such as 'the box of surprise', in which a surprise element about each guest is kept to be presented to the audience to trigger emotions. This might be a picture, a message, an object? Each week the program visits the six contestants in their homes, inviting them to participate in the studio. On the set and accompanied by a relative or friend, they tell their story to the audience and try to convince the spectators that their story is the best and most truthful. But one of them is a fake contestant, an actor playing a script prepared by the program's writers. The audience's votes determine the winner of the contest. One of them will win the grand prize, four will get a consolation prize and the last will get - nothing. The false contestant's identity is revealed when prizes are granted to the candidates. If the false contestant wins a prize, the corresponding amount of money is accumulated in the programme's jackpot.

More than 5 million Euros in prizes in its first season in Spain
The last edition of Instantly Rich in Spain gave away more than 5 million Euros. The program marked an authentic revolution and was recognized as innovative and unprecedented TV format worldwide, 100% developed and produced in Spain. The format combined a spectacular human and technical show, along with interactive technology. Following the program's success in Spain, the format has been exported to Argentina (Telefe), Colombia (RCN) and Poland (Polsat). Instantly Rich reporters have travelled a total of 70.000 kilometers to spread happiness in the homes of 150 families and the program's hosts are leaders in their respective slots.

About Antena 3
Antena 3 is the TV channel of the Spanish media group Antena 3 Group, one of the main multimedia companies in Spain, as well as Neox and Nova (its new channels for TDT), Onda Cero, Europa FM, Atres Advertising, Antena 3 Films or Movierecord, among others. Its overall programming, which reaches the viewer through the main windows of content distribution (analog and digital, Internet and mobile phone) has a big range of informative and entertainment formats. In domestic fiction, Antena 3 offers highly successful series such as "Hispania", "Los Protegidos", "Física y Química" or "Dr. Mateo" and upcoming releases of "Bandolera", "El Barco" or "La Reina del Sur", "Los Simpsons", "American Dad" or "Sin rastro" are part of its proposed foreign series. It also has the best cinema release and TV movies ("Suárez: el presidente" "La princesa de Éboli", "Raphael", "El solitario", "20 N, los últimos días de Franco "48 horas" or "El castigo", among many others), innovative formats, docu-reality shows of international projection ("Curso del 63"), the best television quiz ("The wheel of fortune") or prestigious informative magazines ("Espejo Público"), among others. Its hosts (Matías Prats, Susana Griso, Jorge Fernandez, Jaime Cantizano, etc.) are among the most highly valued by viewers.

The Host: Carlos Lozano
Carlos Lozano began his career in the fashion world, becoming internationally known in shows for Versace and Armani on the catwalks of Paris, Milán and New York.

In 1996 he moved to the television, where he began his career as a host with "The Wheel of Fortune", in Telecinco. He later worked as host of "Con T de tarde", "El Precio Justo", "Noche de fiesta", "El disco del año junto con Nina", in addition to the successful first edition of "Operación Triunfo". In recent years he presented galas before and after the Eurovisión Festival, "Mira allí" or "¿Qué apostamos?", among others.

In these years, Carlos Lozano is also present on the big screen. In his movie highlights are his presence in films like "Marujas Asesinas", by Javier Rebollo, and "Todo sobre mi madre", by Pedro Almodóvar. In 2010 Carlos Lozano presents a new personal side with his participation in the musical "Chicago", with which he toured through Spain playing the main character Billy Flynn.

Among the awards he has been granted throughout his career, the "TP de Oro Award" for the best presenter is to be highlighted.

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