7420 MILION OD ZARAZ will share out up to 1.200.000 Zloty every Sunday

Zed's multiplatform format has been co-produced by Polsat, one of the Poland´s leading TV station...

  • Zed's multiplatform format has been co-produced by Polsat, one of the Poland´s leading TV station
  • Krzysztof Ibisz will conduct the program every Sunday in access prime time

Varsaw, 4th December 2010 - 7420 MILION OD ZARAZ will share out up to 1.200.000 zl every Sunday, 333.334,33 Zloty as first prize amounting a great prize of 533.333, 34zl and 1.200.000 Zloty as great prize in case the winner has reached 74, 20% of the audience votes and the first price will amount 1.000.000zl. Zed´s multiplatform television show Instantly Rich premiere has taken place on Sunday January 2nd on Polsat, after signing an agreement with Spanish leading global cross platform creator distributor and publisher of digital content and entertainment. This show has previously reached a great success in Spain, Argentina and Colombia. Now it comes to Polsat, one of the Poland´s leading TV station on the country in an edition that will be conducted by Krzysztof Ibisz.

The program was honored as one of the most innovative TV formats on 2009 at Fresh TV -the conference organized within MIPTV '09 by "The Wit". During almost an hour the Polish audience will have the opportunity to enjoy a weekly-aired reality TV show that combines the use of TV, web, and mobile platforms to build visibility and momentum for the competition and its contestants. The audience is the main protagonist of the contest and has the opportunity to win amazing prizes. The production crew will accompany the contestants through several scenes in which the audience gets to know better the finalist and a number to encourage the audience to vote in real time via SMS or by telephone. On the very first days of its launching it has already reached the average share percentage monitored by the national TV channel on 2010, a 9%.

7420 MILION OD ZARAZ is an innovative multiplatform format in which the audience takes an interactive part through mobile, Internet and social networks. The program mechanics starts up with a simple SMS to 7420 and everyone will be able to reach the great prize of 533.333,34 zl. Five television teams surprise five winners of the SMS lottery (chosen by a commission) on their own homes. One of them will win the first prize 333.333,34 zl, other three of them a consolation prize (100.000zl, 50.000zl and 25.000zl, respectively) and the last one will not win anything. Additionally there will be two more contestants participating in the VIP contest who can win a prize as well, if they guess correctly who will be the winner of the week.

"This is the first time we have launched 'Instantly Rich' in Europe and Polsat is one of the most important TV stations on the continent, and provides millions of viewers with the excitement and opportunity of becoming 'Instantly Rich' ", said Miguel Lopez-Quesada, General Manager of Zed TV. This format was originally launched as ?Rico al Instante? in January 2009 on Spain´s Antena 3 TV, where it successfully became one of the network´s number one non-scripted programs.

The project gets excitement when TV crews knock on the doors of finalists, who are not aware that they have been chosen until that very moment. The show starts and the audience decides who becomes "Instantly Rich" and who, on the other hand, goes home empty-handed. This format has already shared out USD8.5 MM, run 70.000 km. and reached 150 families through its broadcasting in Spain, Argentina and Colombia, with an amount of 270 winners with an average share close to 20%.

In the following months, new launches of formats will take place across Europe, Latam and other key markets, such as USA, Russia or Asia, we are focusing our business lines strengthening Zed´s TV profile as a multiplatform content developer.

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