Where are your customers?

Over 2 billion people use their smartphone for browsing!

How often do you have the chance to attract a new customer?

Every 6.5 minutes people check their smartphones.

That means a total of 150 opportunities every day.

Do you know the benefits of digital marketing?

  • Support digital strategy

    Reach and interact with your audience and customers through an online platform.

  • Increased revenue

    Make full use of online distribution channels. Higher ROI than traditional campaigns.

  • Inexpensive and effective

    Much cheaper than other advertising media and also more effective.

  • Increased value of the brand

    Offer services constantly adapted to the digital environment.

  • Real-time data

    Large-scale user data for segmentation and to offer relevant content.

  • Buy from your smartphone

    70% of searches lead to an action within an hour.


Where others see problems, we see opportunities. We offer bespoke management, segmentation and recommendation tools. We help you boost your revenue and improve your business.

Digital Marketing


Open the door to the monetisation of 99.9% of internet traffic. We offer a search and recommendations platform which integrates directly in mobile operator networks. Enjoy our advanced big data platform to segment your audience in a unique manner.

Anytime, anywhere

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Why Zed?

Zed, 17 years applying Big data analysis to the mobile internet

The leading global campaign in mobile monetization. With over 17 years' experience, it manages over 3 billion records new data every day and generates 680 million transactions per month. Zed is present in 70 countries on 5 continents, and has solid agreements with more than 170 carriers, totalling over 500 million active users.