Carrier billing

Straightforward, intuitive use

No more complications: all the elements of an integrated online store in a single tool.

Different stores in different places

Manage your stores in different countries.

From a single place, accessible from all types of devices.

7.5 billion world population.
6.8 billion mobile phone accounts.
3.5 billion people with bank accounts.
2.15 billion credit cards accounts.

Do you know the benefits of Carrier Billing?


We offer solutions to increase your revenue by alternative means: creating your own online store. We provide you with all the tools needed for total management.

Carrier Billing


Technical white label platform for operators. Gadir is a small multi-device management package which combines a payment gateway and all the elements for complete management of the online store. We, or our customers or suppliers, can manage several stores with different content in a range of countries using a single interface. Change the price, the currency, establish CRM tools or create alerts for the customer care service.


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Why Zed?

Zed, 17 years applying Big data analysis to the mobile internet

The leading global campaign in mobile monetization. With over 17 years' experience, it manages over 3 billion records new data every day and generates 680 million transactions per month. Zed is present in 70 countries on 5 continents, and has solid agreements with more than 170 carriers, totalling over 500 million active users.